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Club Guidelines

Carrick on Shannon Tennis Club Guidelines


It is a condition of club membership that members register on this website and thus explicitly accept the club’s guidelines, its child safeguarding policy, and its privacy and data protection policies. 

Only members who have registered on this website and paid their annual membership fee are allowed access to the courts for play, except for schools and local community groups by prior arrangement.

Courts can be booked in advance on the website using the login details obtained during the registration process.

All players should ensure Carrick-on-Shannon Tennis Club has their up-to-date contact details (phone and e-mail).

Please ensure the gate is locked after play and in the spirit of fairness do not give the code to any non-members.


Carrick-on-Shannon Lawn Tennis Club is fully committed to safeguarding the well being and the good name of its members. Every individual in the Club shall, at all times, show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others  and conduct themselves in a way that follows principled and civilised behaviour.

For complaints or comments please use our contact form located on the contact page of the website.


Our tennis club is a place where:

  • every member can feel secure.
  • it is known that bullying is not acceptable behaviour.
  • name calling is not tolerated.
  • no one suffers abuse of any nature.
  • no one is victimised.
  • members are supported and listened to.
  • it is each member’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated equally.


Food and drinks are allowed on the courts but please do not leave any packaging, bottles or plastic containers behind. 

For safety reasons bicycles should not be taken onto the courts.